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AppVision Overview

is a privately held, venture backed U.S. Corporation located in Tampa, Florida.

Our Mission

To enable people and businesses throughout the world to use their mobile apps without fear of hacking.

Our Vision

Securing the world, one app at a time!

The Need

  • Mobile apps are not nearly secure enough.
  • Hackers are easily taking advantage of the situation, causing significant financial damage and loss of sensitive data.
  • The scope of the problem is enormous, affecting many industries and millions of people worldwide.

The Security Ecosystem

  • …is complex and dangerous, with many types of predators lurking in the wild.
  • An abundance of prey — over 170 billion apps were downloaded in the last year.
  • In Financial Services: 95% of Android apps have been hacked.
  • In Retail: 90% of Android apps have been hacked.
  • In Healthcare/Medical: 90% of Android apps have been hacked (22% were FDA approved apps).
  • Not just Android — Apple iOS devices are currently suffering another malware attack that has already infected an estimated six million non-jailbroken devices.
  • Cyber-criminals commit ID Fraud by using malware that is embedded in an app that looks trustworthy, but is not.
  • New forms of mobile app malware are undetectable by anti-virus security and are also able to circumvent IPS barriers.
  • Scores of new attacks are launched on a daily basis.

How AppVision Fits In

In this complex security ecosystem, a common organizing approach is called the “CIA Triad”. Here is what it looks like:

Let’s look at each element…

Confidentiality refers to keeping data private – internal secrets, personal data and transaction details.

Protective tools include: Access Controls, Encryption for Data at Rest and in Transit.

Integrity is the most important member of the Security Triad – ensuring that the system has not been improperly altered (compromised).

It presents a special challenge: How can we trust that a system is functioning normally if we depend on that same system to report accurately about its current state?

Availability means being able to use the system when and as anticipated.

Common attack types include: DDOS, Ransomware

In practice, there is considerable overlap.

Failure to secure one goal quite often leads to related failures, potentially compromising the other goals.

AppVision’s Focus – Integrity

Again, Integrity is the most important part – ensuring that the system has not been compromised, thereby impacting all three goals.

The Bottom Line

  • If you can’t protect your own app’s executable code, you can’t protect anything.
  • Only between 2% and 4% of today’s apps protect their executable code.
  • Publishers and app end users deserve better.
  • This is what AppVision is about!