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The Ultimate in Mobile App Endpoint Detection and Response.

HackGuard Mobile App EDR Features

Unified Dashboard

See critical health parameters for your app’s ENTIRE WORLDWIDE installed base, displayed in REALTIME!

Conveniently organized CHARTS, GAUGES, GRAPHS and DATAGRIDS enable you to instantly get a handle on the current health of your base, emerging trends and any areas of concern. Drag and drop, enlarge or rearrange the placement of the widgets to easily create your own favorite layout.​

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Realtime Attack Monitoring and Alerts

All important apps are CONSTANTLY under multiple forms of attack. Of course, this includes your app.
But here is the truly critical question — Are any of the attacks SUCCEEDING?

When this happens, you must determine as quickly as possible…

  • Is the attack ISOLATED to just one or a few targeted users?
  • Does the attack appear to be GROWING wider, possibly even systemic?
  • Could the attack damage your entire installed base, making it an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to your company?

This is exactly the information that HackGuard provides — INSTANTLY, in realtime, 24x7x365.

Your entire worldwide installed base is constantly MONITORED and you are ALERTED immediately and automatically at the first sign of trouble.

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Rapid Attack Vector Analysis

You just received a realtime alert that your app installed base is under serious attack. You have questions…

  • WHEN did it start?
  • WHERE is it coming from?
  • WHY is the attack working?
  • HOW big might this attack grow?
  • WHO in my installed base may be affected?
  • WHAT can be done to mitigate damage?

Don’t panic — HackGuard will provide you with quick, accurate answers to these critical questions.

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Application Code Resilience

Protecting your app’s executable code — there is nothing more important or more fundamental to security — and this is EXACTLY what HackGuard does. HackGuard serves as the last, final, and most important security layer. Most importantly, it is effective REGARDLESS of the specific attack vector used. Whether attackers use any of the literally thousands of hack techniques already in the wild, or even if they use a new, Zero-Day technique — HackGuard still protects your app’s executable code from compromise.

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Proactive Zero Day Protection

Zero Day vulnerabilities are the most feared attack vector — for a very good reason — because standard Antivirus technology simply cannot recognize a vulnerability that has never been seen before. It is effectively invisible. So any sort of REACTIVE response will never be triggered.

How can you possibly protect against Zero Day vulnerabilities?

The answer is to be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE — and when is the critical time to be proactive? At app launch! Each and every launch. Every time, with no exceptions. This is exactly what HackGuard does — proactively inspecting your app for any sign of tampering BEFORE it runs.

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Deployed App Environment Discovery

HackGuard AUTOMATICALLY provides app publishers with accurate information about each and every end user device (and operating environment) on which their app is running.

Publishers can now ENJOY DETAILED VISIBILITY of their app’s usage across:

  • Device Brands
  • Device Types
  • Device Models
  • Operating System Versions
  • Rooted or Jailbroken Status
  • Memory Size
  • Screen Resolution
  • and much more…
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Worldwide Installed App Visibility

Do not settle for seeing only HOW your app is running in WHAT technical environment.

It is also critical to know WHERE your app is running.

HackGuard shows you the geographic distribution of all your app installations — enabling you to easily:

  • Pinpoint the current location of any individual app install
  • See aggregate information of total installations by country
  • Analyze how often users launch your app and learn how this behavior varies by geography
  • Measure the ratio of app launches per app installations and see how this vital ratio is trending over time
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App Base Demographics

Understand your installed app base as never before, with both detailed and summary reporting from multiple perspectives.

  • See all the TYPES and BRANDS of devices that are running your app.
  • See all the OPERATING SYSTEMS and specific versions used by your installed base.
  • Take advantage of the ANALYSIS MATRIX to discover fine details, such as memory sizes, screen sizes, etc.
  • See WHERE your app has been installed, and where it is currently launching from.
  • Use this detailed demographic knowledge to GUIDE your development planning and testing efforts.
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Usage Trends

Monitor, measure and analyze app INSTALLATION and LAUNCH frequency over an UNLIMITED time, with daily, weekly, monthly resolution.

  • VISUALLY track trends in your installed base growth.
  • Use intelligent DATAGRIDS to analyze changes in base demographics over time.
  • Visually track trends in app USAGE by your installed base over time.
  • Automatically track historical “usage intensity” — the RATIO of launches per install.
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SIEM Integration

HackGuard easily INTEGRATES with popular Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms and can also provide

  • the information flow you need via:
  • Syslog
  • Common Event Format (CEF)
  • SNMP
  • XML
  • JSON
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Custom API

Cus­tomized Functionality for Your App — Just tell us what you need!

We recognize that not all apps are alike. What special require­ments do you have? Describe everything nec­es­sary to ensure that your app is prop­erly deployed, run­ning opti­mally, and that any prob­lems are diag­nosed quickly and eas­ily. We trans­form this infor­ma­tion into a detailed spec­i­fi­ca­tion that you approve, and then we build it for you.

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How it works…

  • Super simple, super-fast, and zero risk.
  • Causes absolutely no change to your app’s performance.
  • Implement strong protection for your worldwide app base in under 60 seconds.
  • It’s as easy as 1-2-3
    • Download a file
    • Confirm permissions
    • Just add one simple line to your app’s code…
Android Eclipse in just 34 seconds!
Android Studio in just 37 seconds!
Apple iOS in just 39 seconds!

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