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Gabriel Avner, GeekTimes
The word “disruptive” is one of those terms tossed around so often that it has basically lost its strength as a descriptive tool. But every once in a while, an innovation comes along that addresses a problem so pernicious that it is worth pulling disruptive off the bench and into the game again.
Chris McCown, Security Guru
With HackGuard protecting all your apps, attacks like HijackRAT, Heartbleed, Slembunk and other dangerous banking trojans would be detected immediately.
Gabriel Avner, GeekTimes
HackGuard’s team has developed revolutionary, patent pending technology to scan the binary code for malicious content.
Julian Sanders, Director of Development
Best invention since sliced bread. Seriously, we use HackGuard’s monitoring and reporting every day. Operating without if would be like “flying blind”. Kudos!
Lauren Witson, Senior Support Services Manager
HackGuard has saved us huge amounts of time. We can get to the root cause of problems instantly, and take action before our user base is adversely affected.

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  • Watch as we white hat hack three major banking apps!
HackGuard Security Technology Test
Android Eclipse Enable: 34 Seconds!
Android Studio Enable: 37 Seconds!
Apple iOS Enable: 39 Seconds!
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